Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When inspiration hits at inconveinent times

Yes so there I am, minding my own business, just reading a little something to wane down my day and WHAM! Inspiration for a new book hits! Eyeye! And knowing me, I have to jot, and yes I do "JOT" things down, I had to whip out my handy dandy trusty notebook to purge these ideas before I spent another restless night dwelling over the details, that surely would keep me up all night.
So here's the kicker.....I have nearly 16 stories waiting to be written, each have outlines done already with matching play lists..Yes I"m a bit OCD about that. Music really inspires the story for me and the characters. I'll heat a particular song and BAM a new character or scene will pop up.
So what I am to do with all this? Purge my system until I can get to it. SO the stage is set and I'm ready to roll.
Currently I have 4 yes 4 WIPS (Work In Progresses) which need my immediate attention. So I'll return when I can cheery folks.

Tootles and schmooches!

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