Friday, March 2, 2012

The Day has finally come!!!

Hoping that someday I will rise to the ranks of some of our well known Paranormal romance writers that we all know and greedily covet!

As for current WIPS (works in progress) I am still striving to work my tail off for The Chronicles of the Dark Angels. It's proving to be a really emotional write for me. I'm roughly 120ish pages in, and have barely scratched the surface. It definitely has some serious darker undertones to it, I'll give you that. And I truly hope that the emotions going on with Ferrian and Rami are conveyed well to the readers!

Currently Red Wine, an anthology I am apart of, is for sale through Amazon. My short story "Ginn Hunter" is the second among the four stories. With some crazy twists on the supernatural!
And "Death Becomes Him" is in the anthology Dark Light. Selling currently as an ebook, look for it to come out in print soon enough!

ON a side note, I wanted to discuss something I truly believe in. Perseverance! Its that long ass word that we regularly screw up spelling. I bring this up today, being Dr. Seuss's birthday for a reason. At my place of work, (yes even I have to hold down a normal day job until you my wonderful readers make it possible for me to quit my day job and write full time,,*wink wink, cough cough*) There's a man roughly 73 years old. He suffered with dyslexia as a child and never learned how to properly read. Up until 6 months ago he couldn't even fill out a application, his wife had to do it for him. This man, at his age decided he wanted to have the capability to read to his great grandchildren. Everyday (and still even today) he worked with one of our teachers to learn. He started out at a kindergarten level and now is reading at a 3-4th grade level. Now I know most people will snicker at this. We take reading foregranted, but don't. This man told us today that learning to read has been the hardest thing he has ever done.
Even topping his time served over in Vietnam. His PERSEVERANCE Has gotten him where he is today. You can see his story Larry Huffman is his name! Way to go Larry!

Most people like to believe that writing a story is a piece of cake. Sure if your a cake boss kind of writer, sure. that doesn't mean all your ingredients or methods will work out. It's a grueling experience, filled with stress, heartache and waiting with knots in your gut for weeks sometimes months at a time for a Yay or Nah from an agent./publisher. Stick to it. There are thousands of agents and publishers. If you feel that this was what you were meant to do, then DO IT! What do you really have to lose? Perseverance