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Eternally Mine:::Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Sasha heard the soft rumblings of sheets shifting as she entered the room. Her hands full, carrying a tray full of varies foods. Soft beams of sunlight peeked at the edges of the thick black and gold damask curtains shutting out the world with there bulky masking. The cherry wood floor covered by matching Persian rugs that lead to the king size four-poster mahogany bed. Intricately carved in swirls and hidden messages.
Concealed in the corner of the room Loren slept curled in a ball on a matching black and gold damask chaise lounge. Her hands still held the pages of her latest book that she intended on reading. Soft murmurs slipped from her pink lips as she twisted into herself. Gently she slid her fingers up to her throat, caressing it with a lover’s touch.
Eric’s six foot four frame slumped on his side as he started to wake, his hands searched for a familiar feeling of skin. Scrubbing his bristled face with both hands, pain stung his gun-metal gray eyes as he tried to open them. Fluttering against the intrusion the soft beams of sunlight that surrounded the edges of the curtains and sills; momentarily blinding him. His voice sounded as though he gargled with gravel as he tried to speak. “Jesus! What the hell happened to me?”
Crossing the room in a few graceful motions, Sasha leaned down to place the tray of food next to him on the nightstand. “You’ve been out of it for nearly a week, Eric. Waking only briefly here and there, what did you expect? To be able to do back hand springs off the bed?” she scoffed. Her beautiful rainbow irises shimmered even in the dim light, as her soft platinum curls bounced around her head like a halo. His parched smile grimaced while the latest of his bruises still healed.
“Really Eric.” Sensing his frustration at the lingering pain in his body she motioned him to lie back down. “You should take it easy. Reese did an absolutely brilliant job repairing the damage, but being human you still need time to recover.” Considering that momentarily he pried his eyes open to look around his surroundings. The blurriness slowly transformed into hazy clouds after winter storm.
Little by little everything came back into focus when he saw what looked like a lump of blackness and fire in the corner. “Loren?” the words came out sounding strangled as he pushed himself to focus more. His mind couldn’t make sense of what he was seeing. Craning his head back to Sasha, his dumbfounded expression brought her attention to stand still. Gray eyes locked on to the sleeping figure with pleasant surprise.
“Eric, she hasn’t left your side since we brought you back here?” His ragged breath caught as she answered the silent question left lingering in the air. “You’re at Alix’s home. She has everyone setting up security perimeters around the grounds.”
Turning back to look at the little red headed vixen who slept peacefully in the corner, Eric couldn’t understand how this had all come about. Listening to her murmur in her sleep he could’ve sworn he heard her say his name. But why would she? He represented everything she had an aversion to. He was human, ‘a mere human’ as had been said numerous times by the Sisters. The term grated his nerves. He was a man, no matter human or magic-kind, that’s what he was.
As his mind fought to sieve through all that had happened, make sense of his current state, he kept coming back around to one single image. Her, his red headed angel cradling his face in her warm caring palms. Worry creased her face as her breath bathed him in a delicious symphony of sweet mouth-watering smells. Reeling through his mind he searched back farther to understand how he came to be in bed. His thoughts murky as he struggled to make sense of everything he had been through.
Satin sheets covered his skin like a warm second layer, shielding him from prying eyes. His body ached and cocked throbbed as he looked back at his beautiful angel sleeping peacefully in the corner. His strong hands fumbled to right himself as he took in the wondrous sight of her. The curve of her chin and the curl of her supple pink pouty lips begged to be kissed. Her long black lashes that framed her beautiful eyes from the harsh intrusion of light, she was an angel in the flesh if had every seen one. Leather wrapped ivory skin, so soft he could imagine himself embracing it for eternity.
The lingering scent of gasoline and burnt wood stung his senses as he eyed his hands that scrapped his face. He had remembered setting off the gas bomb at Roland’s beach house, running for dear life as he and Alix set hauled ass to seek refuge from the bomb. His body reacted to his memory with fierce reverence.
Remembering the way he was hurled into the air, shards of timber and glass slicing and piercing through his skin. He could’ve sworn he’d been plowed down by a Mack truck and minced with a grater for all the good it did him to run like hell. His mind fought to stay conscious as he slid down in to waiting hands, carrying his limp listless body away from the smell of burning wood and toxic gas fumes.
Then everything went black. He felt his life slip away, free falling down into darkness. The weight of his body floated softly like a feather carried by a summer breeze. Eric descended deeper into the dark abyss of his mind. In the distance a soft angelic voice called to him, begging him to stay. Terror and longing traipsed around her words as she pled for him to return to her. She was a siren calling her lover from afar with all the sultry silkiness her voice could carry.
When he had finally thought he had completely lost it, his eyes finally managed to peel open for the briefest of moments, only to witness the resplendent face of his red headed angel. Her full pouty lips calling his name sent shivers down his bruised spine. His hands sought her out, needing to touch the supple skin of his angel. Gently brushing her cheeks, he slid his hands around her head, cupping her with care. The soft longing in her piercing blue eyes sang to him as he crushed her soft parted lips against his fiercely before the blackness consumed him once again. The feel of her wet lips, the taste of peaches and cream filled him as he drank in her intoxicating sweet scent.
As he glanced back over, he couldn’t help the impish smile that formed at the sight of her. His angel was the little vixen that slept curled up in the corner across his room. Her sweet honey scent danced in the air for him to inhale her once again. All sense of brutality from her eager self dissipated in to thin air. Her small body balled into a warm self embrace, a small book pasted to her by her sturdy grasp. She was a beautiful angel. One he needed to possess. Consume. Devour.
Sasha read the uncertainty on his face as she brushed her warm supple hand down his arm. Her slender fingers lingered on the searing supple skin of his forearm. He radiated heat like a furnace in Hades. The sincerity in her touch felt foreign, wincing as she stroked his skin. Her voice was but a whisper as she spoke to him, barely breaking his attention away as he watched Loren sleep.
“She’s been in here twenty-four-seven since you returned here hurt. She hasn’t left your side for anything.” Cocking her defined platinum brow to him, his eyes didn’t sway. Fixated on the little vixen who stole his heart that very moment, she was as sweet and caring as she was ferocious. He knew she was cunning and tenacious but this side of her worried and concerned for him piqued a new interest.
He thought back to when she straddled him as she unlocked the bindings that held him in place during Alix’s interrogation. The sensual feel of her hot body pressing against his cock, and the rich smell of her forced his body to react against his will. Wishing that she had left the bonds on and stripped him bare; mounting him again to ride him raw. Her breast heaving as she slid up and down the length of him, breath panting at her called out his name. Lost in that thought, he barely heard what Sasha was saying, his mind consumed with images of Loren rattled around as he tried to focus on Sasha’s melodic voice. Even when Sasha tapped his arm he still couldn’t concentrate on her words. His mind raced back over his dreams as his cock strained at the memory. Loren starred in every single one of them; maybe she had the Florence Martingale effect on him, but the feel of her body against his left his hands searching for more of her skin to caress.
Long nights awakening, convulsing with need, covered in reminisce of his Vixen’s evil game; sating herself on his weakness, and even more on his lack of control. Tickling his ears with her cries and moans of pleasure as she climbed higher, riding high upon his body, rocking her core back and forth, the sweet smoldering warmth her body provided sheathing his throbbing cock deep inside her as his Vixen peaked and recovered, riving and aching for more. His limbs paralyzed by unseen force, weighted and tethered by invisible bonds. Her sultry smirk and dazzling gaze wreaked havoc on his desires, fighting to touch just one single spot on her body. While she lapped up and rode him back into rapture. Not a single sweep of his hand would cross her skin, or a gentle caress of her breasts. Lowering her on his chest as she pulled his cock free, spent and aching for more as he hardened under her touch again.
The tangles of her fiery hair fell lusciously over his rigid chest as she sank between his thick muscled thighs. Her soft lips form delicate O as she lavished the length of his cock, licking the single glistening drop that clung to his tip. Stroking the length of his strong throbbing shaft, her fingers pulsed and played with the tightening sac that jumped at the softest touch of the fleshy pads of her fingers. His throaty moans caught like a lump as breath threaten to breach the constriction of his resolve as his body climbed higher to peak. Loren’s hypnotic stare and sensual lips knocked him down again as she pulled harder, greedily suckling him. The warm suction and scintillating friction wreaked havoc on his self-control as she licked the shaft, lapping her desires up and down his aching cock. Pleading for release. She controlled every motion, every movement with elegant care, twisting and kissing. Closer he climbed to peak, his muscles fought to move, wanting to rip free his massive arms and swaddle her in them, wrap his hands around the fragile bones of her wrists and roll her sinuous body voraciously beneath him. Desperately wanting his control back, wanting to feel the power of his body devour her. Unforgiving. Overwhelmingly. Uncontrollably.
Sweat dewed across his stony chest, rigid and free from mercy as he braced himself against her impending onslaught she planned on bringing rapaciously to the surface. His control smashed into infinity as his hot seed shot from his tight body, flexing every unmoving muscle, tension strained from every ligament and tendon as she sucked every last drop from his firm pulsing cock. Firing off stars like Fourth of July had played out with his body; visions of blistering brilliant lights clouded his eyes as he forced himself to resume breathing.
Wiping away reminisce of his liquid desires, she perched herself upon her knees to gaze into sated eyes. Exquisitely flushed, panting, beautiful, slowly she climbed back up his relaxed body, pecking sweet sin-filled kisses along the way. Dipping between the chiseled muscle of his abdomen and pecs and over his taut creamy skin, tasting his intoxicating mint with every sweep of her tongue. Her blue eyes mere inches from his as she whispered, “Good morning, Sunshine!” a deliciously evil smirk taunted him as she dissolved into the early morning mists of sunrays, releasing him of his invisible bonds.
As Loren started to stir, Eric slightly glanced back at Sasha acknowledging her annoyance. “How long did you say I have been out for?” the deep rasp of his words sizzled the air stirring Loren to wake more, her small smile peeked out from her sleepy face, only to fall back into a still composure as her head slowly lowered back down upon her arm.
Sasha searched his face for any signs of distress, but come on, the guy had been nearly blown up. Dismissing his short attention span she cupped his wrist to feel his pulse.
“Hmmmm….. Must be the head trauma” eyeing him suspiciously. “For the better part of a week. You came to a couple of times, but sustained some pretty serious internal damage and one mean concussion. I would take it easy if I were. Concussions can be a tricky thing for a…uh well I mean for anyone.” Looking away, Sasha worried she had offended him. His bewildered eyes spoke a different language all together.
“But why? Why did she stay here….with me?” His mind was still thick from sleep as he tried to rasp out anything sounding coherent.
Sasha flashed her brilliant reassuring smile to ease his worries warming the atmosphere. “I think she kinda likes you.” Winking back at him, his hard set eyes slightly falter from there normally harsh glare. His taut squared jaw relaxed as he considered that for a moment.
“But she’ll never admit that. And you should know Eric, it will never work.” Stepping back to give him room to think, Sasha motioned to the food, encouraging him to eat. “Please eat. You need your strength. You’re looking a bit ragged still.”
Staring at the tray of food he, couldn’t decide whether he wanted to devour every morsel as his stomach rumbled begging to be filled or slam tray against the wall for his lack of control. Having been unconscious for days and seeing the smug smile on Sasha’s siren face when she said ‘it’ll never work’ irritated the hell of him and he had no idea why the thought bothered him so much. Playing the patient instead of delivering justice infuriated him. His stomach had other ideas, growling louder as leaned over to pull the tray closer. The dainty fork felt too fragile in his big hands as he scooped up the first bite of apple pie, shoveling it in his parched dry mouth. Scooping up the bottle of water to wash down the pie with, Sasha had to step back as she watched his throat work as he drank the water down. Biting her lip as the muscles danced with each swallow, teasing her, begging to be sucked on.
Turning back to the plate of food he followed the first bite of pie by another. He couldn’t even delight in the tastes as he devoured more fruits and cheeses. Making quick work of what was left, his stomach’s growls had simmered, but his hunger was fierce. Realizing it wasn’t the food he wanted anymore. It was the fiery head, curled up like a minx sitting just feet away.
A soft moan broke the silence and instantly he felt the need to protect her while she slept, to curl her tiny body against his as he draped his thick arms over her; daring anyone stupid enough to test his boundaries. Craning his head to the angelic form curled up, he desperately fought that urge to climb over the bed, pick her up and do just that. “Don’t be absurd.” He snapped. “I know you’re a horny bastard, but seriously, she’ll kick your ass, man.” His big head definitely had a way of putting things into perspective when his not-so-little head decided to put in its two cents.
Sasha knew Loren’s habit of talking in her sleep. After hundreds of years, she’d heard full conversations that Loren had had with mysterious beings in her slumber. “She’s not so quiet when she’s engaged in her dreamscape. If you’d prefer it, I’d happily wake her, so you can rest more.”
Waving off her suggestion, Eric found something fascinating about the little vixen; hard ass by day, sweet innocent creature by night. Cocking his head to listen more, he took little notice as Sasha quietly left the room. The soft thud of the wooden door closing them in together eased him. Rolling to his side, the black satin sheets shifted from his chiseled chest to his rigid hips. His golden skin pulled taut across his six-pack abs hugging his supple body for dear life.
He was hypnotized by the rising and falling of her breasts with every breath. Her full pink lips murmured little words here and there. Attempting to decipher her codes, he played along, listening to every whispered syllable. He wondered what she was dreaming of or whom she spoke to. Her soft pouty lips lifted into a sultry smirk as she whispered one more single word. “Eric” The soft carry of her voice lingered in his ears, shocked that she was dreaming of him. Him. She was dreaming of him, she was actually dreaming of him. Eric felt the rush of his blood searing through his body, his cock stiffened more as her lips closed around his name. Fire shot through his veins blazing with need to devour her. His gun-metal gray eyes grew wide as he became more beguiled by her.
Loren’s fiery red ringlets framed her gentle features as they fell down caressing her shoulders and arms. “Mine” His mind bit out an animalistic growl. Surprised he felt the need to consume every inch of her supple skin; and the feeling had multiplied and intensified as she spoke his name. His cock raged with need to fill her completely, marking her with his kiss until his tongue twisted from lavishing her from head to toe. His eyes fixated on her like a target that he needed to aim perfectly for.
“Eric….” She moaned again. The word came so softly he thought it was carried on a summer breeze. His heart thudded as he tried to replay what he hoped he had just heard. She spoke his name again! His mind raced to keep up with his heart. ‘Can’t be. She hates my fucking guts.’
“No… can’t happen.” Her mumbles left him amused as he tried to figure out what else she was seeing in her dreams. Licking his lips to a glossy sheen, his body fought with his desire to slip in between her milky thighs and wrap her legs over his shoulders as he flicked her clit and sliced the folds of her essence with his tongue; watching her face twist in sweet agony until she awoken.
The aching in his stomach grew and it wasn’t just from lack of food. It was from lack of her. She was the fuel he needed to survive, the fire in his belly. She was everything he never knew he always wanted. She was a need he had to have. A desire he needed to consume. An ache he demanded to soothe. His little vixen was just that, his.

The rumbling taunts of Eric’s stomach grew louder as it begged for more food, awakening Loren. Her sleepy eyes, fluttered open as she stretched from her curled position. Her arms rose over her head, arching her back as she stretched out. Her plump breasts loved to show how tight her nipples were as they pierced through her black leather bodice. Time seemed to stand still as the silence of the room consumed her. Leaning back for another long moment, she scrubbed slender hands over her face unsure why she had woken.
The rumbling came again and she jerked her head in Eric’s direction. His smoldering smile begged to be kissed, as his eyes locked onto hers. Shivers ran down her spine as the energy between them sizzled in the air. Her breath caught as the sight of his naked body, barely covered by the sheet that shimmered from the sparse rays of sunlight. For a moment Loren had almost forgotten how he ended up naked and wrapped in those layers of luxuriant fabric. Slicing off the blood and debris covered remains of his clothes, Loren tossed them to Gabrielle. Thankful she had been kind to bag them and promptly burn them.
As he laid there staring back at Loren, her eyes flinted over the length of his body with quick glances, eyeing the small dusting of dark brown hair that graze his lower abs, leaving a trail to follow lower. Her eyes wanted to follow the tail down, but damn it, if that stupid sheet make that task impossible! Her eyes shot up to catch his again, as she nervously bit into her full lip. “Um, uh how are you feeling?” She didn’t really care, but figured it was the polite thing to ask. Seeming as he nearly got himself killed during the raid on Roland Lemire’s Beach house only days earlier. What she really wanted to know is if he had any injured muscles she could massage for him, any in particular that would benefit them both. Her mind fixated on what was hiding beneath the black satin sheets. How his hands would feel holding her naked skin next to his. Feeling his thick long shaft thrust her to the brink of insanity, then further.
Clearing his throat, Eric repositioned the sheet a little higher, twisting his harden cock out of sight. The pitched tent look was so unattractive in his mind. “Well aside from starving, remarkably well. Huh, Thought I had blown myself up.” He scoffed Eric’s voice still gruff as he tried to soften his tone. His eyes refused to deviate from hers. Her lips curled up in to a saucy smirk as she considered telling him he was just about right in the ‘blown myself up’ part.
“Well you kinda did. Only a fucking moron would use gasoline and a lighter to make a bomb. Seriously what were you guys thinking? Two top assassins and neither of you could come up with a better solution?” the chiming of her laugh lightened the mood, softening her intense gaze. Loren saw Eric tense up from her realization. True to her fashion, Loren loved her snarky sarcasm as it seemed to serve her best. “I should be ashamed of Alix for being so uncreative. But you, well I guess you are just a human after all.”
Gracefully Loren rose to her feet in a lithe movement, his eyes stayed absorbed on her face. Wondering what it would be like to lay next to her, looking into her sated eyes and fiery smile as she came down from her climax. Sagging onto his body, her fiery red hair splayed out across his chest.
Loren felt his heated stare consume her body as she stepped away from the bed. The smell of dark spice wafted through the air as his muscles coiled beneath the cloth. Biting her lip she curled a wavy tendril of hair behind her ear, sidling away from the edge of the bed. One quick turn of her body and she’d fall right into his lap. The thought had its enticing appeal to it as she braved another glance at his soldier standing at attention under those sheets.
His body tensed and flex reactively to her movements. The sinuous way she swayed her hips, tempting him to pounce. His body loved the idea as much as his mind did, silently begging for a preview. The hard cock grew into a steel beam, demanding to be touched by something other than his rough hand.
Loren played her coolness, cocking a thin red brow at him when she took noticed of his rigid muscles. Trying to hide his intentions seemed to fail as his cock was ready to spring for her delight. Catching the hitch of her breath before it broke into the awkward silence that stained the air. “I must go now and inform the Sisterhood you’re all right.” A soft crimson blush rushed to her cheeks as she tried to pry her eyes from his. Failing miserably. Crossing the room, her bright blue eyes changed into heated pools of creamy lust aching to peek further down his body once again. “I see Sasha brought you some food. You should eat up. She’s a hell of a cook.” Smirking back at him, she felt the door for the brass handle, freeing the heavy wooden barrier from its jamb.
“Loren, wait.” He called to her, slowly she pulled herself back in from the hallway, and she was only a step away from closing the door. Leaning against the jamb, her stomach turned waiting for his next words. A faint blush caressed her cheeks as she tried to look away. “Yeah.” The soft rasp of her voice shot another wave of heated lust straight to his wanting cock. Another throbbing ache coursed through him as he wished she would return to him within arms-length so he could pull her down and roll her beneath him so he ravaged her from head to toe. The momentary thought alone brought out a charming smile that seemed out of place. A brilliant flush seared across his shimmering skin. The thin sheen of sweat broke free from his chest, accentuating his chiseled muscles. “Why did you stay here? Sasha said you’ve been here since we returned from Roland’s. I don’t get it.”
“What’s there to get. Alix asked me to watch over you. And I have. So now I must go. Later.” His mouth silently begged her to stay. His control told her to leave. She was a distraction he didn’t need and yet secretly wanted. He nodded as she shut the door behind her, but he couldn’t let her just walk out. He felt tethered to her; the pull was too intense for him to understand. Springing from the bed he landed just in front of the door. His hand cupped the knob ready to turn and free him, but why? Stopping to reason with himself, he faced the hard truth. His cocked ached begging to bury itself deep within her, her smile fueled the fire in his gut, but none of it made sense. He couldn’t face her without the answers to his questions. Leaning his head against the door, he let his hand fall from the brass knob as he tried to corral his libido with a quick jerk of his chain. Palming his searing length, he cursed himself as the need to shoot his seed into her consumed him completely. Stroking him faster, harder with furious need; his sac tightened with the impending climax as sweat beads trickled down his back. Pumping his throbbing cock as he grew closer, the strain in his body screamed for release. Thump… the sound caught him off guard, until he heard her voice, soft as a whisper call his name. Looking down at the pulsing rod of meat his hand gripped, all need to get off disgusted him. Dropping the length of him, he flipped around, propping himself back against the door. What the hell would she think of she knew, he was on the other side of the door, envisioning her supple thighs wrapped around his waist as he drove into her hard, pinning her to the wall. ‘Fucking pathetic!’ is what she’d think of it. The ache in his sac didn’t leave even as his cock slowly softened. “No way am I going to be this pathetic. Jacking off to a chick standing on the opposite side of a door, fucking sad.” He chided himself. Sliding down, his body bunched and coiled, needing its fix for release. As the cold marble came up on his naked ass, the feeling stung him, wishing he could feel the heat of her body swaddle him instead. “Right. Never gonna happen.” He reassured himself.

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