Monday, September 12, 2011

The Last Kiss:::Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Raeve paced around the arrival screen at Phoenix International Airport anxiously, waiting for the flight information to change from “in range” to “arrived.” It felt like years had passed since she last saw Aidan, since she last held him in her arms and pecked kisses down his jaw and over his soft warm lips. Now he was just minutes away from her and that hot flutter of need pooled between her thighs. “What the hell is taking so friggin long!” she groused. Her lip started to tear from gnawing on it, her skin flushed with memories of his last touch. She had meticulously picked out her outfit after eighteen tries, and spent the better part of the afternoon preparing his favorite dinner just to make his first night home perfect. Pacing around the boards for the hundredth time, her anxiety grew. Time felt like it had stop all together as a cruel joke to her.
Watching the screen, her heart tripped over itself when the board finally read “Arrived”, letting out a low blow, she steadied herself, facing the gateway that he’d exit from. Her hand patted over her shirt and smoothed back her glossy black hair, as the other gripped her cell phone tightly, waiting for that first text from him. Her emotions ran rampant with excitement; happiness and sadness all rolled into one ball, ready to burst from her chest. She only had five days with him before he had to leave again. This time their separation wouldn’t last for months, but for years. The thought of the time passing by without him turned that aching wound in her heart into sheer anguish. She would refuse to show him how much it hurt her to see leave again. He didn’t need that on his conscious as he left to serve our country. No, she would keep a tight head and lock down those feelings of dread until she was once again alone release all those crystal tears that stood on a razors edge of spilling over.
The first text came, stirring her out of her revelry, “Hey sweetheart, just landed. Are you here yet?” eyeing the text, pricks of tears started to mist in her hazel green eyes. Punching the reply button, “Yes, I’m waiting at the gate for you.” ‘I’ve been here waiting for an hour, hoping your flight would land early and I could wrap my arms around you and smother you with kisses’
Stepping closer to the boundaries of the gate, Raeve’s skin flushed a deep shade of blush as she fettered over her hair again. Another text came, “You look fine sweetheart.” Cocking her brow, her smirk grew wider as she eyed the corridor he would be coming out of. Catching a glimpse of a man with his eyes purposely purchasing a piece of the floor, he was working hard at his stoic expression while leaning casually against a pillar. Her eyes zeroed in on him, coughing to get his attention. “Nice babe, you match the wall.” She barked as he slid out from his hiding spot. The sinuous roll of his gait was like a wolf stalking its prey. His eyes locked onto hers and his strides were demanding as he ate up the distance between them in mere seconds. The twist in his lips curled into sinister smile, pretending he was a villain about to kidnap the town’s beauty for his own debauchery.
His deep laugh rumbled through her like vibrations of waves crashing over her. His thick muscled arms wrapped around her tiny frame with ease, lifting her into the air as he crushed body to his broad chest. “God I’ve missed you sweetheart!” Without another word, his lips crashed down on hers. Like honey to a bee, Aidan sank into her kiss, slicing his way into her mouth. She didn’t fight it, couldn’t. She’d been dreaming of this moment for weeks and nothing was going to stop her from indulging in every second of it.
Raeve felt the rightness of being with him, staring into his beautiful sky blue eyes, feeling his arms wrap around her for dear life. The entire world disappeared as she returned his kiss, locking her arms around his neck tightly. Her heart thundered in her ears and nearly pounded out of chest as she hugged him tighter. Her lungs burned for oxygen she willingly denied. Reluctantly he released her, licking her lips for one more taste. Slowly stroking her spine, Raeve say the burning need he held deep inside.
“I’ve missed you so much my love.” she murmured, “Now what do you say we get you home? I think we have more things to discuss that require a little more privacy.” Slipping him an impish smirk, she clasped his hand, intertwining their fingers while walking for the exit.
“Mmmm, sounds perfect.” He growled in her ear, pecking another kiss along the soft sinews of her neck. Shivers skated down her spine as his fingertips grazed down her back; her own internal fire erupted from smoldering embers to bon fire. Tightening her fingers around his, her blush deepened to soft crimson and her breath hitched. Pulling him down for another kiss she murmured against his lips, “You could set fire to the rain my love.”
Her favorite sultry grin grazed her mouth as he gently agreed with his kiss. “You’re the gasoline to my fire sweetheart,” casting a wink to her, “don’t you forget that.”
Every word he spoke resonated throughout her body like electrical currents. For all the conversations that lasted until the early morning hours as they remained tangled in bed, talking about anything and everything, it was always his deep rumbling voice that slid syllables off his silver tongue with the grace of poetry that stirred most in her.

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